Sandeep Prakash

Psychologist and Educator

Transformative Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Conflict mediation and team-development using depth process work. 1:1 coaching for individuals.

Re-Visioning Work as Soul-Craft

Conflict Mediation and Flow States

We spend most of our lives with co-workers. Why not learn to love them and be fully alive at work?

I bring a radical approach to conflict resolution, and leadership training: where most team development strategies focus on cogni-centric  theories, I help teams discover heart-centered communication and harness the power of flow states of consciousness.

About Me

I am a  psychologist, with an  MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where I am currently a PhD candidate. My training involved both western psychology and Indian philosophical traditions–yoga and advaita vedanta.  I’ve done research that challenges conventional boundaries of psychology and shamanism, such as tantric Yoga in India and San Pedro visioning in Peru.

My current research on float therapy looks into the lives of people who have used floating—or sensory deprivation tanks—to heal from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, and insomnia.

At CIIS I trained under some of the leading scholars of holistic psychology: Carol Whitfield, Jorge Ferrer, Craig Chalquist, Samuel Malkemus, Marina Romero, Sofia Reinders, and many others. Outside the classroom, my path has taken me through psychotherapy, shamanic initiations, various Western and Indigenous psychospiritual trainings, training in music in India (while studying the yogic arts of sound), initiated into a yoga tradition with a YAI-200hr certification by Krishna Prakash at Shrimath Yoga, and a rigorous Rite of Passage 4-day wilderness fast.

My counseling approach is inspired by the Indian advaita Vedanta teaching methodology, somatic and transpersonal psychology, and expressive arts therapy.